I Just Met a Girl…How Do I Proceed?

by Sos

So I was standing on the road waiting for a ride home and there was a beautiful girl standing right beside me. I managed to strike up a conversation(OK I have been following your tips And they are quite helpful) So we talked all the way to our final destination when I asked for her number she never hesitated like she was expecting me to ask.

Then days back I called her and she seem generally excited about the call, I am planning on moving ahead with her but i am kind of scared of making mistakes I told her she should come do yoga with me. And she said she was busy. then I asked when she could make it and she said “Maybe someday” On several occasion I tried asking her out but she kept on telling me how busy she is.

I am just a bit confused and wondering what’s next. I know I could use some head up.

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I Just Met a Girl…How Do I Proceed?

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She seem to be loosing interest
by: Boy2

I think this is becoming complicated, she seem to be loosing interest

Rekindling Back Love in a relationship
by: Dave Anan

Women sort of analyze every new guy they meet and start withdrawing when they see what looked like the old trait in them. This is old trait, the everyday way of guy, chase a girl, get her, then start calling all morning and all evening, when they didn’t hear her voice for the next minute they call again wondering if she had left them. Now that is insecurity…wondering if she is now seeing another guy…that turns women off like nothing so that brings us to the question.

How do women want us to proceed?…when you meet a girl got her number then called a day later or hours so she gets your number. at this point the spark is on, from here you can build it or kill it
See this Act of a wonder girls
Killing it is pretty easy — Call like ten times a day and say unreasonable things then reply to every text message she sends and tell her how beautiful she is, write her a love poem and tell her you would die if she leaves you then watch her leave!

Girls…when you want to really keep them…you loose them but when you want to leave them, they give you every thing to stay that would solve your problem.

See Attracting girls made easy.

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I most confess that your articles have transformed my life tremendously, not just in terms of women but in having a confident, positive & satisfactory life in general. – From IK

Never tend to avoid break up or try to sustain a relationship with more money, gifts or service

Most of what is taught about chasing women should be tried-out till perfection is attained