I just started a conversation with a girl in a party but how do I know if she want to hook up?

by Jer

It’s my friends birthday party and i met this girl and we got talking she really looked like the nice types because she laughs at almost anything I say, but I don’t know if she does that to every other guy. so the question is how do know when she is attracted to me or if she ever wanna hook up.

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I just started a conversation with a girl in a party but how do I know if she want to hook up?

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How to Know if A Girl/Lady wants to hook up
by: Jerome

I you wanna know if a lay is attracted to you or when a girl wants to hook up you gotta start reading their body languages. A lady would always say all they want to say through their body movement if you don’t know it you can’t see it More about this On women body language

Learn how to know if a lady wants to be kissed the art of kissing, more in-dept knowledge on women body language. You really wouldn’t wanna make a sharp move that would command a tough slap!

how do I know if she want to hook up?
by: Anonymous

It is pretty simple to know if a girl is attracted to you and if she wants to hook up. Most guys just don’t know how to test women, they just sit away and wait for the girl to show some signs or probably scream it out loud.

From my many years of experience with pretty girls, most girls wouldn’t even give you a clue no matter how much they want to be with you. I advice guys to make the first move and then watch her behavior.

Sometimes we just think the girl is too tall or too pretty and probably wouldn’t respond to us and most times we just conclude without trying.

Sometimes back I was fascinated about a particular pretty girl but I didn’t make any move because I thought she was way over my league, I thought she wouldn’t reply to my text messages let alone go on a date with me but I was wrong.

So there is no sign to watch out for in most cases (with few exceptions). if you feel attracted to any girl at any point in time, make the move and see what you get. It is that simple.

What do you want with her? just reach out for it!

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