I want to be her boyfriend and not just friends

by manish

Hello Coach,
I am from India.My name is Manish.
I love a girl, first i was in a friends category to her, kind of best friend than i Proposed her after that she called and told me that i miss you.She is always in contact with me she always call me.

When i indirectly ask her about my love she told me she think me as my friend. but in her eyes and by her action i always feel that she loves me.She once said me that she has a boyfriend but i sensed through her feelings and talks that she has break up with him.

She keeps calling me at night and i have talked naughty with her and for long hours, i also keep meeting with her twice in a month.She is kind of tomboy,She tells me she likes to play with people specially who are interested in her but she only tried two times with me.

She knows I have self respect, i look better than average i am tall dark handsome,she likes my personality my simplicity, she kind of respect me but i know and i am sure that she likes me.

She likes challenge,she told me that girl likes a guy who plays hard to get.She knows i love her deeply.She lives in a hostel.She knows i am a experienced guy who was once in a relationship.

Recently i decided to play game with her to make her more interested in me.but don’t know how exactly.
Now she says she has a boyfriend with whom she wants to marry.

I want to Hear I love you which she is hiding in her Heart . I love her i just want to do that purely and don’t want to play games.

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I want to be her boyfriend and not just friends

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How to be her boyfriend and not just friends
by: Dave Anan

Most guys keep thinking that playing hard to get in a relationship is sort of unwholesome, you can decide to call it whatever you like but if you really want to take the place of her boyfriend and stop being just friends you need to back off the ‘over nice guy’ attitude.

There is an attitude that is attractive to girls, you can learn it now and learn to build a lasting relationship or just keep being nice and watch them marry ‘dem players.’

I want us to do this together

I want to know what is happening at the moment. when was the last time she called you? when was the last time you called??

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by: Manish

She called me yesterday at past midnight 03/09/11,
I called her today morning.
we keep calling each other…

Do you want her as a girlfriend of just friends?
by: Dave Anan

I just want to know what you truly want from her, do you think you have what it takes to be her boyfriend? do you want to date her? or do you just want to keep her as “just friends”

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