Is it right or wrong to flirt with a girl while she’s in a relationship?

by Jerome

Let me get straight to the story I am 17 me and this girl talk a lot, have become pretty close just recently and we do a lot of talking and chatting on msn and facebook, i compliment her and flirt with her, And somehow i want to ask her out but I know she is going out with another guy. though she seem suddenly drawn to me i can’t even explain why. I actually want to get into a serious relationship with her, but im wondering if it’s OK to flirt with her, and if yes, Please any idea on how to simply win her over to my side. I would really appreciate any help from any body.

More tip: she calls more than I do.

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Is it right or wrong to flirt with a girl while she’s in a relationship?

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Flirt or Ask Out Another guy’s Girlfriend.
by: Anonymous

I think the evidence is there that this girl is deeply into you, and you said she even call more than you do so what are you still waiting for, go get her man! whether it is right to flirt with a girl that is yet with another guy. My opinion — it is not wrong. Women are constantly looking for a better alternative, they want the best at the moment, Some women are just stuck in some relationships waiting for a real guy to come and get her out. Those extra calling is a sure sign she is interested

And you are still wondering. Women hate it when A guy couldn’t just read her body language and figure it out. when she is biting her lips in those “please come kiss me” style you are still asking if you could hold her hands. look, you are the man here, you make the decisions and women want to follow a man that lead them confidently a man who is less confused.

Make the move in a serious manner and she would follow you. I know she is waiting for you to do just that. try the first asking out

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Whether to flirt with another guy’s girlfriend
by: Steve

Personally, I think flirting with another guys girlfriend is not really cool, why not get yours
secondly you could get the girl torn between two men. It is true we all flirt knowingly or unknowingly but we all know when to draw the line I guess

Ask Out Another guy’s Girlfriend.
by: Dave Anan

Hello Steve Thanks for stopping by, Your opinion is noted but i think sleeping guys are forced to wake up in relationships. In the field of love and dating, overtaking is allowed. whether you like it or not, pro will always take the hot girls from the wuss, it is and indisputable fact and it will always be like that the only exception is when a guy learn to control his inner game when he start knowing what pretty much works that’s when he can draw a line around his territory and no guy dare come in.

When you try to grab a lady with two hands we sometimes end up loosing them especially when they are young. And this girl is the one asking, I think she is far beyond being torn between two men she pretty much made her decision.

go for it
by: Justus

I’ve been in such a confusing situation before. Take the courage and go for it. at leasy you would have tried. You have the right signals from her

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