Is She A Nice Girls.. I proposed!

by J
(nairobi kenya)

Thank you Coach for comprehensive pieces of advise you give. Am glad I came across your site.

There is this girls in office I became close to during some special assignment, the problem she has a fiance. We became very close and would laugh a lot, take breaks and lunch together. She would insist I go to lunch with her and even buy me lunch. We discuss our lives a lot and she opens to me sometime referring to her fiance as ‘down as a cockroach’ and laughs about it but sometimes says he is the best in the world and would not cheat on him.

She volunteers this information without me asking. She even asked me out and we both bought rounds and had much fun. I then took a cab and drove her to her house and proceeded to my house, after 10 min she text me saying she enjoyed and is thankful & looking forward to another.

After one month she went on leave, keeps texting how she misses me but when i propose a date she declines. During leave she moved in with her guy. She once told me to contact her during day wen the guy is at work. Funnily, she does not pick my calls and only texts about 5 hrs after the call.

Please advise, does it look good? Am i in friend zone? How can i escalate before the window closes? Sorry for the long story.

Thank you.

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Is She A Nice Girls.. I proposed!

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Is she A Nice Girl,.. I proposed
by: Dave Anan

Hello J, You have a really good chance of winning this girl before ‘the window closes.’ Most girls get fascinated about a guy but find it very difficult to switch over because they keep thinking they have gone too far to turn right.

You said you have proposed before and she declined but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings for you, you just have to draw a plain bold line. The next time you hang out together… Wait, I need to know what you really want with this girl.

Do you really like her? Do you really want her as a wife or just a girlfriend? Please I need to know before we commence. I have chosen to thread only on the wholesome part

I hope to help real guys through the entire process of becoming a real man and we can do this together, get back to me asap!

Nice Girl
by: Jus

Thank you coach for the quick response. Just a clarification, I never proposed. I only asked for a second date which she declined cos the bf was around.

The girl has stated that she wants to go ahead and marry the guy but she flirts with me all the time via text. In every text she says she misses me, my smiles and my company. When we r together she practically displays all the signs of an interested girl, so touchy and followa me everywhere i go.

I have decided to only get her for a long time mistress if she wants. She doesnt talk well of a her bf though.

Thanl you.

Is she A Nice Girl,.. I proposed
by: Dave Anan

Hello Jus,
Sorry I am a bit late. It seems so visible that this girl needs you but somehow got stuck with the wrong guy. like I stated initially – She probably thinks it is too late to turn right! You are the one she really likes to hang around and the only problem is that you keep catching her whenever she falls on you.

You just need to pull away from this girl to get her to stick to you. Somehow you are giving her the impression that what you are getting is enough, you are giving her the impression that what she is giving you is enough.

starve her of yourself and she would come at you with everything she is got!

don’t call her don’t pick every time she calls. when next she wants to hang around you tell her you don’t want her at that point in time, tell her you will call her if you want to see her.

treat her with some level of unseriousness and she would come at you with everything she is got! But just take it easy, I don’t support sex before marriage.

keep me posted and don’t leave without taking a better gaze at ‘Chicks Made Easy’ – Earth’s number one!!!!!

You said it
by: Jus

Thanks a lot.You surely saw it. I’ve just started being scarce. Yesterday she walked to me and kissed my hands, said she has missed me alot then quickly ran away, though she answered my text today with only one word. I will practise you advise and keep you updated.

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