Is she interested or not?

by Kyle
(Newport, ky, us)

I recently received a text from a friend that said a girl I previously dated asked about me and wondered if I was single. She and her boyfriend of 2 years separated 2 months prior. I am single so I got the girls number and we started talking and set a date up. The date went great, we only hugged after, and she told our mutual friend she had a good time.

I went a couple days without talking to her, not necessarily on purpose but we didn’t speak. She eventually contacted me to take our dogs to the dog park, I said yes and we set the date for a Saturday. On the Friday before she rescheduled for Sunday. Which actually worked better for me.

When she rescheduled I asked her to dinner after the dog park, she said yes. We went to the dog park and decided where to eat dinner and set a time. About 2 hours before we were supposed to meet she cancelled. I am a to the point guy and I asked her if something else was going on.

She said no, she is just a homebody and that she is still a little stand offish due to her ex. I told her I understand, but I had fun with her and I would be willing to go to her place if that would help. I also said I understand the ex problem and I am not going to pressure her into anything.

I then said whenever she wants me to come over I will see what I can do. I guess my question is do you think she might be interested? I should say my natural personality is cocky funny. And it seems she sends the right signals, she makes eye contact, she helps keep the conversation going, plus she beat me to the punch for the second date, yet she has rescheduled and cancelled a date.

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Is she interested or not?

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She is Interested In A Relationship
by: Dave Anan

Hello Kyle,

You seem to flow in the right order with the attitude that is required for relationship success. You said you didn’t call after the first date (unintentionally) but that’s just the attitude that happens to drive women into wild apprehension.

It seems you really want the relationship to stick, are you expecting a long or short term relationship?

The pretty chick is definitely interested, just playing some wild games that is beyond even her own comprehension. But she would come around if you didn’t turn her off with the nice guy attitude and desperation.

So tell me, what are you really expecting from her??

Is she interested or not
by: Anonymous

It would be nice for this to end up in a relationship, but I understand I need to take it slow due to her recently being single. Her and I actually talked a little last night, how should I approach our conversations? Should I maintain the small talk we are currently doing or get to know her more? They are through text though.

If she is interested or not
by: Dave Anan

It is possible to maintain the small talks and allow her to develop attraction for you naturally but then you will be in a positions where you are liable to fall into the nice friend zone.

What you need to do is to get her to Fall Madly In Love With You by taking the right and proper steps.

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And Always Keep me posted

Time to move on?
by: Anonymous

A little update, i have been hanging out with the girl for a couple weeks. It has been great. The other day she told me i almost ruined it by a comment on the first date, which didn’t really bother me because we still went on the second date and have continued to see each other. But something that makes me weary is she mentions her ex from time to time. She doesn’t compare the two of us from what i can tell, but he comes up in conversations. Once again that didn’t scare me off because she is spending time with me and not him, but she told me he had to go to the emergency room and she went with him, that does push me off a little. I understand it is hard to get over someone you lived with, i have been there. My question is, should i continue to see her or no? If i follow my gut then i will, i guess i can just tread lightly, but i dont want to waste time with a girl and it not work out, and blow my chance of meeting another.

Is She Interested
by: Dave Anan

It seems pretty much to me like you are on the right track, there is just no reason to give up on a pretty girl of ur dream without giving her the necessary opportunity to impress you

So just don’t give up yet and remember not to fake anything.

There is just no adventure in life that we start or proceed with full confidence and utter assurance except when your mum says ‘dinner is ready’

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