How to Deal With The Little man Syndrome

The little man syndrome keeps you way below your level in relationships, When you have low self esteem, you fail even before you begin with girls. Here we talk about how to increase self confidence. When you feel pretty girls are way over your league, when you keep thinking like you are not enough, It gets you down before you start climbing.

A guy once said to me “Hello Dave, I wonder if I would ever make it with women, they said I got this wide head and a bumpy nose” – I wondered what that meant

Then he said something I never heard before, he said “I just got this other girl but I am scared of even talking to her, because Sad man my stuff is less than 5 inches and I’ve been wondering

how she would react when she sees it for the first time.” He finally paused, looking very exhausted from the conversation and I was speechless!

That’s the feeling, the little man syndrome…Feeling not able…it’s like a dirt that keeps you far from trying and without “trying” there would definitely be no success.

Success is in the mind, your mind is the center of your being, when you choose not to stand up, no body can help you. Look, you are the best of you and you are entirely in charge of your mind. how you think and approch situations is how they would ultimately respond. Change your thought and you can change everything else

If you can get your mind focused and get yourself to believe that you will succeed against all odds, then no 5 inch stuff can stop you, what am I saying? I know a guy that has almost all nature working against him, but he dated lots of hot girls. I learned from experience that people do not follow our figure, no! neither do they see our shapes. They follow the person, they take what we say when we say it well.

A lady once remarked, “your size doesn’t matter, what matters is how you use it” and that is it, believe me, that is it. look around I know guys that looked lesser but through confidence and the right attitude had the feet of hot girls beat a path to their houses.

I know a guy, my friend, he was the shortest man in our group back then in high school, but he was good with women, one day I had him share his tips “I look straight into their eyes” he said, Like I got the whole world at my back” And that is it… that’s confidence, people believe what you are able to convince then you are they hardly take what they see this days.

The little man syndrome could be eliminated if you choose to, you can take it out by trying, meet the first girl, say “hi” exude confidence like you got it all right, it is not easy, I know. keep trying till it becomes easy that’s how we all did it. don’t give up because it didn’t work out pretty cool the first time you tried, don’t take it personal, don’t think it would have been easy if you just looked like Joe,

Ask any guy that is successful with women, it takes more than looks to get hot chicks, I mean supper hot chick to sing your song it take the right attitude, confidence, effective communication and the believe that you will make it. then persevere and within minutes, they will be on your bed, I mean on your bed doing what ever you want.

And above all, be yourself, don’t get boastful or exaggerate and with little more time, you would drop the little man syndrome and probably get infested with the big man syndrome

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