How to move on after a break up.

Learning to move on after a break up is not always an easy move to make.

Most times it take weeks and even months for some people to gather back their almost shattered heart and begin the search for a new lover. Moving ahead always seem like a hard book to read, the thought of starting afresh, All that pleading and gift buying to just crop up all over again.

All that going out together, running around, the visits to different place, to the cinema, restaurants. The games you played together, secrets you shared and promises made. Like I said, it is not always easy to start all-over after a break up but it is almost the only thing to do, except in a situation you are trying to Get Back ex girlfriend

Try and fail, but don’t fail to try again, that’s my favorite quote

Ken had a split with his girlfriend of eleven months, it fell apart, when it appeared to be coming together

This is a word to Ken and any guy who is planning on moving on after a break up, before taking any step let’s do some memory jogging

Why did it happen -why did the relationship fail? this is always the tedious part of getting over the hump, I know she caused it all, she was the stubborn one, he probably tried all his best (At least what is best to him) but it still failed.

When did it start. I know you just want to learn to start afresh, but you also need to know how and why it failed so that history will definitely not repeat itself. The question is when did it start, things were good, it looked like all was fine, then it just came and boom! it’s a break up and you are trying to move on.

Let me shock you a bit. 60 percent of break ups (when she leaves him) starts when the guy starts getting serious starts buying flowers, giving much compliments, starts depending much on her, starts calling her sweet names. When he starts sacrificing his dignity and confidence at the alter of love, -loving the wrong way.

Either you are trying to move on after a break up or you are trying to stabilize your relationship to avoid a split. Guy, these page are a must check out for you.

Learn the confident move

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Never tend to avoid break up or try to sustain a relationship with more money, gifts or service

Most of what is taught about chasing women should be tried-out till perfection is attained