No reply to SMS/Call/Email but she accepted facebook and gtalk invite

by AKM

Hi from the Netherlands and great website, I am learning a lot from your website.

I am a student here in the Netherlands and am basically from India. Last Friday, I met an Indian girl who is living here for last 20 years as her parents are settled here. We met at a railway station when the trains were cancelled and we were just waiting. I noticed a cute looking Indian girl, so started talking by asking do you know whether they are going to arrange bus for us. We got talking and it was a very good conversation, probably lasted about an hour including the waiting and the journey till another station.

She was asking many questions about me, she was laughing a lot and a few times with her arms all throwing out of excitement. When the train resumed and we were about to reach a station where I should walk home and she should take another train, she told we have been talking a lot, I don’t know your name. I hadn’t asked her name before.

So we introduced our names and got outside the train. Before she took her connection train, I asked her would you like to keep in touch and she said yes. Then she told I have a facebook account, as soon as I heard facebook, I took my mobile out and told her lets exchange numbers that’s better and handed her my mobile phone. So she started typing her number on my touchscreen. Although she was typing her number, it was not getting texted as she was touching the screen very soft.

Then I took over the phone and asked her to say it for me and I started typing. When I told this she was blushing and telling probably I am too soft. Before leaving when I told her it was nice meeting you, she replied, you are here for 4 more years right.

Everything sounded like she is interested. But I noticed that although she’s living in the Netherlands for last 20 years, she is still very Indian. I mean conservative in nature – she still wear clothes of a typical Indian girl and was receiving about 10-20 phone calls from her dad as her train was cancelled!

Now, obviously I want to know more about her as it seems like something can be worked out. However, the follow up has not been that great so far.

In a nutshell, this is what has happened during the follow up,

Friday 8th, we met, had a mutually interested good conversation and exchanged numbers.
Saturday 9th, I sent first sms (which doesn’t require a reply, basically i had texted my website address so that she could gather more information about me. Being a conservative typical Indian girl, I thought that she would not feel comfortable to start coming out with me right away) – No reply

Sunday 10th, I called her – She didn’t pick up
Sunday 10th, after she not picking up the call, I found her on facebook and sent a friends request
Tuesday 12th, she accepted facebook request at 12 in the afternoon.
Tuesday 12th, I sent an sms joke which she would have understood if she had followed up and in my second sms she would have got the joke. This was at 5 pm in the evening – No reply

Wednesday 13th, I sent an email, this time with another joke as if nothing wrong happened and informing that I have sent a gtalk request as it seems you are not interested to talk over phone now
Saturday 16th, she accepted the gtalk request, but no reply to email.

It seems like she takes time to make friends and that she’s testing my patience by not responding probably to see whether I freak out and abuse or send bad emails. I am just ignoring her indifference every time.

And whenever I contacted her after a failed previous communication, I don’t even mention or talk about it.

I am trying to be patient and go ahead with my other works, hoping that with time she would understand that I am a good person to go out with.

Now I would be very glad to get some help here. What should I do in this situation? Presently, after the Wednesday 13th’s communication, I haven’t initiated any communication as I find it might portray myself as immature and needy. Your suggestion as to what next would be very valuable.


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No reply to SMS/Call/Email but she accepted facebook and gtalk invite

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No reply to SMS/Call/Email but she accepted facebook and gtalk invite
by: Anonymous

Hello AKM,

Good you know you don’t need to sound desperate or needy but you have already done that seeking her attention from almost all the social sites.

I think you can still salvage the situation if you choose to stop stretching your neck. you don’t need to work hard to appear nice or good or decent, you don’t need to give her the impression that you are caring. First, don’t call her again, don’t send her any messages, let me know what happens next.

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No response on the phone
by: Amar

I am also facing the exact same situation of having met a girl on the bus and exchanged numbers…only difference is that i meet her every now and then again but she too has not responded to my call n text…( i made a call and sent a text each both on separately on weekend..just 2 attempts but no response on the phone..however on facebook she accepted my requested and also gave me the reason for delay in accepting my friend request stating that she rarely access fb hence the delay and also added it was good to see me on facebook ( i had just sent a casual message stating that i have added her on facebook n hope she recognized me)….now i m totally confused if she has any interest in me or not…she is also an indian girl

Why a Girl wouldn’t pick your calls
by: Dave Anan

Most pretty girls get lots of guys on daily basis that is trying to go out with them or get them to fall in love, most time this girls spend the better part of their lives confused about who is really serious and stuff like that.

There are many reasons why a girl wouldn’t pick your call or reply your text messages.

See Why She Does Not Pick My Calls or reply My Text Messages

by: AKM

She had been behaving like Mrs. Clinton for the first two months. However I made sure to be very slow with every conversation. They were spaced at least 10 days. After two months, I kind of lost interest and stopped communicating as she never agreed to a date and time to meet up. After about 50+ days, I casually dropped a one line email saying, ‘how are you doing, its been a while’. Guess what she replied to this one liner with about 5,6 lines and at the end, ‘well lets meet up sometime, see you!’. Today we are meeting up after 112 days after we met for the first time! Although I am not keeping high hopes, it is an interesting case I guess.

No reply to SMS/Call/Email but she accepted facebook and gtalk invite
by: Dave Anan

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have you seen this page about Why a Girl Wouldn’t pick your call or reply your text messages

and tell me; How did the date go??

Did you finally make it??

Did she show up??

Just don’t sound desperate or needful and you would be cool.

We met finally!
by: AKM

Yes, she did come and it was a good date. We went to a canal side pub in the city centrum, took her to my place pillion riding as she wanted to change clothes for a party and the party was cool too. The good thing is she has invited me to her city.

You are right, the tips work. The deal is about learning to practice them in reality.

Thanks for the inputs and the website 🙂

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