Save Your Relationship… The simple way

You can save your relationship, it is possible to get her to fall back in love with you. Are you overwhelmed? Are you tired of waking up every morning with the same feeling and knowledge that everything is not right with your dating life, you can fix your game and get on top of the dating game, and you can get back into the love-circle

In a relationship; you can choose to be the man or be the woman, you can choose to call the shots or let her do it and live with the consequences. Women may not openly admit the fact that they are more comfortable with straight-headed men with strong opinion.

All women are almost the same, with that same urge and yearning to be loved and cared for, although some are a little bit different some just want to sit at home and call the shots, then put all the blames on you when things turn sour while the remaining few are in for real, in to love you back and hope you take them down the aisle.

How to Save my relationship

Do you keep losing women? Does it seem like the present girl is going to ditch you soon? Do you think something is really wrong with you?

Are you scared of trying again? Are you on the edge of breaking up and you are working hard to save your relationship… to rescue your relationship??

We can get it all fixed… Or how should I put it…? We can help you fix your game.

Whether you are able to do it or not, it all depends on a lot of factors, your attitude toward women, communications skill and the depth of your knowledge about women.

The success of any relationship depends on more than one factor. Are you the real man or some nice smart kid trying to fix it while it keeps shattering away? Some guys have already broken up, but this is to the simple guy who is trying to fix his relationship… save it from breaking up

Is she planning on leaving you? Did you just find out today? Here are steps to save your relationship from breaking away. But if you are already broken up and probably trying to get her back let’s help you Get Back Your Ex. we can help you fix your almost cracking relationship.

I want to help you save your relationship… I want to help you get back in control… every guy wants that, it is not acceptable for women to play the lead role in a relationship but some men couldn’t just help it, so they allow her call the shots not minding the implications.

Behave like The Real Man

Behind those sultry tone and looks is a yearning and a desire to be with a real men, an ideal man…, a man in charge. First reason why she would leave – When you stop being the man or when you’ve never been the man. Do you answer to women or do they answer to you?

Women have a way of testing men unconsciously… it’s like they are wired to just play it out that way. They keep pushing you to go soft and do it their way, to make them happy and call ten times in a day, They tell you that they love hearing you tell them how beautiful they look but when you do all of these, they’ve found another wimp and they would be on their feet racing to the next tough guy, I guess that is where you start complaining.

Do you want to save your relationship; are you on the verge of losing it? you can fix all of it by fixing yourself first, women keep testing men but the problem is that they are not conscious of that attribute being inherent in them, while of course, some of them are just looking for tough guys.

Have a mind of your own

A wise man once said – “entertain all thoughts but do what is right.” Everything you will ever get here about saving a relationship all centers around you – fixing yourself, making yourself appealing to pretty girls, learn to build a solid rapport, talk to her like you are bringing her along, not like she is taking you along and like I always say – Cut out the “please take me” attitude if you want to save your relationship from shattering away.

You need to grow a heart when dealing with pretty girls, a heart that is willing to let go instead of being dragged above your lines. Draw the line, know the limit and don’t always cross the line. Now, that is where you would require a tough mind, the type that gets pretty girls stringed along – tough minds.

that is very synonymous with “bad guys” I knew a very bad guy in my former street, he would beat up the girlfriend and drag her along the street and she still wouldn’t leave, everybody thought she was a fool but she saw something else – a tough man.

She feels safer with him. She had her chances but she wouldn’t take it, she kept coming back to the tough chain smoker, aint that synonymous with pretty girls? Oh! You don’t know yet…? That pretty girls crave for hard guys? They do.

Bad boys got tough minds and don’t mistake that for a cruel mind, I don’t expect you to drag her along the street to prove you are tough, I was just saying that girls could go a long way with a tough guy instead of the simple, always apologizing nice guy.

Talk about apologizing; do you think it is right for guys to apologize?? Personally I think t is paramount but in a real man way. Here is How to Apologize the Real Man Way without the accompanying wailing and crying and those many text messages that was never replied to.

If you want to save your relationship… If you want to run a smooth relationship; you need to take control and be in charge but that is if you don’t want it to be a mess, but it is all in your hand. You can choose to be the man or be the woman

You can choose to save your relationship or let it shatter away

Women have the feeling that only a real man can complete them, they have this feeling of insecurity that only a real man can take away, they want a guys that would be there to help them make confident decisions and put them right on track when they are falling apart, so when you are seated right there like another pretty lady aiming to get helped, you get ditched.

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