Steps To Increase Self Confidence

What is self confidence? How do you gain extra-ordinary amount of confidence? Do you automatically shut down in the presence of pretty girls? Let’s show you the simple 5 steps to increase self confidence. When I first started out with women, with dating, I was fund of losing my head once she shows up. Always thinking of what to say behind the scene, sometimes even writing them down then when she shows up I start sinking.

Are you feeling me? To me, low self esteem is not being able to state the obvious, to express yourself in a manner you wish to do it, it is whimpering when you are given the chance to lay your claims, it is born out of a mind feeling inferiority complex.

Low self esteem is borne out of a mind feeling way below the level or height he is gunning for; when you think you are way below her league. Now, confident guys always seem to have it all rosy, like everything is so simple, while the guy with low self esteems keep wondering how they are doing it.

Self Confident Guy

A confident guy would have many doors thrown open for him with little effort on his side while the guy with low self esteem would keep hammering all day with very little result. Confidence adds to your appearance, it makes you appealing, it makes you look like you know what you are doing, it makes you look matured and that’s one good quality of a leader.

Now, Women want responsible guys, guys that seem like they know what they are doing, women stick with this kind of guys and refuse to leave, and I don’t blame them, even the rest of the men follow the foot-step of a man who seem to know what he is doing – the confident one.

Having self confidence is vital to dating any kind of girl you want, confidence speaks of you in higher volume than nice dress, bangles and everything else. We are looking at 5 simple ways to build self confidence, how to improve your self esteem. So many guys want to get rid of this feeling of insecurity but it seem like they are stuck with it, like they are default programmed to always wimp and shut down whenever she shows up.

What is Self Confidence? … full trust; belief in oneself, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing

Here are simple technical 5 steps that could be taken to build self confidence over-time.

The First Self Confidence Building Tip – Accept Yourself.

This is the first truth about boosting your self esteem – You need to accept yourself before other people can accept you, lots of guys work so hard to change their looks, some guys think they would be confident enough if they could just gain an extra inch. Now, that is a lie, you are not running away from yourself, you are you and you are unique.

You are the best of your kind and you are the original you, stop hating yourself there is almost nothing else you can do about your height, shape or color those are the components of the real you and only you can help the world accept you by accepting yourself first

Stop trying to be somebody else and accept yourself, stop telling people that you look boring, there is something unique about you! Thinking positive thoughts is the first step to self discovery and when you eventually discover your inner potentials, you would focus less on the outside.

Discover your Inner Potentials…Get Skills

Guys with low confidence, guys that have low self esteem always have a way of looking down on themselves, they see only the things they didn’t do well, the things that was never done well about them and keep throwing the blame on their skin.

Confidence is an inbuilt surge of strength from within that keep saying – it is do-able, it can be achieved, we may fail but we will not give up, we are the best and if we don’t get it done almost nobody would dear try.

Now, Confident guys always have skills, they have a way of doing things, to perfectly boost your self esteem, you need to garner knowledge about different things in your environment, If you want to be able to face your peers and talk, first you need to learn the things you have to say, write it down and study it, I know the main feeling shows up when you face the crowd, no problem – First do your own homework,

Do you want to gain extra ordinary amount of self confidence, the kind that literally attract women? First, you need to learn about Women body languages, study everything you can find about women and then move into the field of play.

Believe in Yourself

This steps are called “technical” because they happen over-time, they don’t just happen, you don’t just wake up and start feeling confident, you work it before it starts working. Trust yourself, believe you are worth it, stop thinking she is way out of your league.

The first reason why guys fail with women is when they start feeling like she is above their field of play, then start treating her with caution so she wouldn’t leave. When you start doing everything she says so she wouldn’t leave just know you have just started losing it.

Women play lots of Relationship games, at first they treat you with disdain, like they don’t care then you start crying and begging them to accept you then they figure you are another wimp.

Women always call and ask “why” when you don’t call them for days, when you suddenly pause in-between those tireless hour of calling and sending text messages she calls back and asks “why” but when you keep hammering her phone because you think she would leave if you don’t call or you just want to know if she is with another guy, she starts withdrawing at some point.

Give time to yourself, like you know what you are doing, believe in yourself like she wouldn’t dear walk out on a guy like you, with the faith that you can find another even if she goes. Now, that is believing in yourself.

Learn the Way Women Think – women Psychology.

Women keep testing and pushing guys, to see who would fall and who would stand. Let’s talk about Attracting Girls, Women stick with guys that got confidence and how do they make their selection – After a thorough over-hauling.

You know those times they don’t pick your calls, those days they show up after you have waited for hours, those days she behave like she doesn’t care even when she is dying to have you. Those are Games women play in relationships

Those are the simple ways they separate the tough guys from the rest of the crowd hammering their phones with calls and text messages, If you understand these games, then you got skills. When you know she is just playing games, you will handle her better and worry less about her not leaving you because she certainly wouldn’t if you behave matured when she plays all her games. She would get tired and just throw herself AT you.

More on building self esteem to have women throw themselves at you – See Wonder Girls Games

You think women don’t have power but they find a way to spin our heads, they find a way to get us shouting and complaining and whimpering but that is when you are feeling inferiority complex.

To build self confidence, you need to perfectly understand the way women think and stand like a real-man.

Final Self Confidence Boosting Tips – Try!

Go into the field of play and try out whatever you read on this site, try talking to pretty girls, observe what they do and when they play all their games, stand your ground and as usual she would run back to you. Guys are always looking for easy ways to do things; I can only give you a practical way that has surpassed the test of time.

The most Practical way to eliminate low self esteem is by walking out of your comfort zone, try talking to girls, you may hit brick walls at first but you will not always hit brick walls at some point it starts being simple, then you can look back at smile at the old you.

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