Several years of relationship and now she is with her X

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here’s one for you. With my fiancee for nine years, we still had our own homes for numerous reasons. We kept pushing each other away.

I wasn’t meeting her needs she wasn’t meeting mine. Women need feel loved to make love, men need to make love to feel loved. Problem is we kept going for ever and she truly is my best friend.

She broke up with me three days before my birthday, then I found out within a week shes with her X husband again. I am for sure thinking that this is a crutch to get through the breakup with me.

So my question is do you think that after several months she may come crawling back after she discovers that it is not all it was meant to be.

I am moving on alright now except that I feel so fucken lonely without her with me. I am truly scared that if she came back in a four or five months if I havn’t moved on with someone else that I would fall back into a relationship with her again.

How do I move on as quick as possible giving its only been a month?


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Several years of relationship and now she is with her X

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When she lives.
by: Dave Anan

U said u are practically not compatible somehow, so how come u seem so eager to get her back. Do u really love her or u just wanna kill boredom.? Just asking

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