She does my pick my call

by Seiku

Please I met dis lady at a bank last Saturday and approach her wit confidence and talk as if I knew her. later asked of her number she gave me. I called her that night to say hi and nothing else. she told me her mum is sick and why she is at her place now but will be leaving wen she feels okay. I tried to call the next day to see how she is doing till today she does not pick and I have done nothing or said anything. what should I do I want to keep the friendship later n propose

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She does my pick my call

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Why she wouldn’t pick my Calls
by: Anonymous

Hello, sorry for the late reply, have been away for days now. About the pretty lady you met at the bank, I think she may be depressed due to her mother’s ill health. give her some time, don’t seem desperate and I hope you are not calling more than twice a day because that passes you off as a desperate guy, and pretty girls get bunch of desperate guys all day they are fed up with them. I need details, what is the situation like now??

Have you seen my page on why a girl wouldn’t pick your call?

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