Should I Date Her ? But She’s Older Than Me.

Dear Coach,

I’m a 28 y.o man and I’ve been friends with a 33 y.o woman for a few years now. She’s smart and attractive and we are really comfortable with each other. We both love each other but I have been holding back from furthering in the relationship as I can’t get over the idea that she’s 5 years older than me. In terms of maturity and career, we are about on the same level.

I’ve never imagined being in a relationship with an older woman. But now that I’m on this crossroad, I need to decide if I should take the plunge or if we should just remain as friends and prevent any heartaches later.

I’m really looking for a serious relationship and not just a fling. I’m concerned that this relationship may not work out because as a woman, she probably might age faster and I’m not sure if this will bother me in the future.

But on the other hand, I do not want to miss out on a great potential for a relationship just merely of the age difference. I’ve been telling myself to stop thinking about the age but it still bothers me somehow.

Really appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance!

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Should I Date Her ? But She’s Older Than Me.

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Should I Date A Girl That is Older Than Me
by: Dave Anan

Hello J,

I have also dated lots of older ladies but wouldn’t likely walk the aisles with an older PARTNER but I don’t have anything against it.

The question you need to asK yourself is

do I love her?

Does she understand me?

Do you guys get along very well?

Can you present her to your friends?

Every one of the choices we make in life comes with its own responsibility… good and bad. you can chose to marry a younger lady and end up creating a disaster.

You need to weigh the odds and see if you stand to gain more than you will lose, – to love her as a partner and take your mind off the age difference.

I hear that older women know how to take very good care of their men, Have you experienced such great love and respect?

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no words
by: Anonymous

Wow! You are worried because you are a few years younger than the one you love. Perhaps you don’t really love her; in which case, please move on. She deserves someone who loves her madly without concern for a number. I am madly in love with a woman who is fifteen years older than I am. I am so terrified of my feelings for her and I fear she won’t want me because I am so much younger than she is. Yet, I have loved her in secret for two years now. She has no clue…it breaks my heart.

Should I Date Her ? But She’s Older Than Me.
by: Jerome

I can’t believe someone could date a lady that is 15 years older not to talk of getting married to her. How do you fit together, do you walk together on the street or can you boldly tell your friends about your new catch? Guy, 15 years is way over my tolerance limit.

Personally I wouldn’t think of settling down with any lady that is older than me, I can date her but wouldn’t marry her.

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