Don’t Turn Women off…Turn Women On

This is all about How to turn women off… the lousy immature attitude that put beautiful girls off your grid.

I laid great emphasis on the relevant role self confidence plays in a relationships, how you could get a girl to feel like she is with the hottest guy in the world. Let’s take a look at the wrong attitudes that would easily tell any girl that she is talking to a “whimp” and how to get women pissed

There are some ways we behave to turn women off and there are also ways to literally turn them on – The perfect technique to Attracting Pretty Girls. So many guys fail before they even start, Some have gotten accustomed with failure like it is the only thing; they foresee it before even trying. Seriously, Many guys think it is impossible to walk up to a pretty girl and strike up a stimulating conversation that would get her in your arms in matter of minutes, guys find this unbelievable when I tell them that it is possible, they think it is magical

But it is possible through a tried and tested technique. The simple truth is that most guys need to fix their attitude and behavior towards pretty girls. If you are able to re-arrange your inner game anything would be possible.

Success and failure all emanates from within, some folks just keep succeeding while many simply wouldn’t stop failing. The only way to switch from failure to having unimaginable success with women is by doing what the successful guys do, observing how they talk(the essential ingredients in their communication technique) and trying them out. That’s how I started and that was how I successfully climbed the ladder of success with women.

What Turn Women Off And How To Turn Them On!

Turn women off and on

Quit the rushy-wishy attitude If you want to get women to follow you home, if you want to stop turning women off. First, you got to cut out the rushy-wishy attitudes. “hello charming, I just wish you are mine” invariably you are telling her you wish she belonged to you even though you are way off her league.

The first place men fail with women is by giving very loud compliment and being “extra-ordinarily nice” which transcend to “wussie”. Where men start failing is through the wrong talks. more on cocky funny

Which is the rushy-quickie attitude? When we want to take it when we see it…letting the girl read us like a story book…being able to anticipate our next action. When we hurriedly take a girl into our room through the back door when nobody is at home to have a quick grab and kiss and she kept saying “no…no, I thought you just wanted to talk” that’s the quickie-rushy attitude, I think she would likely fall for you if you knowingly took her into that room, showed her around and brought her out.

Think for a minute… she is used to guy taking her to their rooms and bothering her but you are not. Yes, that looks different in a way, and more like the attitude of a matured guy. Look, it is not easy to bring a girl to your room and not touch her but those are the tough acts of a tough man that gets him more girls in days to come, now she can’t tell his next action in a day to come.

There is nothing as bad a girl not wanting to see you because you would do nothing but bore her with those rushy-quickie attitudes. OK, it is possible to walk up to a lady, say the right things and take her home. But that is for super confident guys, not by trying to kiss her behind the stirs and she said “no” then you start pleading…then giving compliments and singing those long songs that greatly turn women off.

The Poor Flirtatious Attitude

There are Great Flirting Tips For Men. How to flirt your way to the room. When you run into a pretty girl on the stir case and you sort of smacked her stuff, any of her stuff in those I can’t wait to have you manner OK it is “can’t wait to have you.” when you say this or show it in any way, it is a pretty quick way to turn women off, it is a great turn off for women, they are many, “I can wait to see you” is the least among them. Many guys may stand to argue this.

With reasons like it worked for them once, or with one girl. Do you know why the hot girls flock around the bad guys, what are the characteristics of this bad guys, first they scarcely compliment these girls, they have other girls which creates ground for competition. OK, do you know that married men have more girls staring at their behind than most single guy, why? Because girls are somehow wired to compete, one other girl into the picture gets your girl working harder. Not like that is good but it works.

When you say “I can’t wait to see you, it seem like you are somehow desperate, like she is very important. OK, bad guys get these girls to feel less important so they work hard to get the bad guy’s approval, ordinarily why should bad attract good? why should bad guys get the good ones, the nice guys turn women off with their compliment, nice, mild, stainless attitude While the bad guys gets them to work and which is more, they get what they want.

Quit the “Please take me attitude”

Finally, quit the “please take me attitude,” those “I would be miserable without you” attitude. I just wish you would perfectly understand where I am coming from. Women want to hang out, go home with a man not a boy, I guess this last one is simple, stop telling women “You would die if they leave you” sentence like that carry zero level of attraction, like you he would be miserable without her. Women want to join the winning group not the poor loosing group.

So if you want to start turning on women, if you want to literally magnet hot girl, toughen up a bit, like you can go all day without her, Actually, going all day without her, wouldn’t be so nice but given her the impression would have her asking for more.

It is very easy to turn women off But you can choose to turn them on!

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