were gonna meet somewhere


There is a photography competition adn i asked for her help
we are gonna meet somewhere to do it either my place or hers
So how i get her to not get enough of me in that same day. help coach!

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were gonna meet somewhere

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How to Win A girl
by: Dave Anan

Hello Lebnon,
I would need more than what you just said to help you get this girl, I need to know how you met her and everything that has happened ever since.

Do you think she loves you?

the additional details
by: sere harouni

she was in my class in my old school but then i got kicked out.no i don’t think she loves me. but i am going to her place in about 2 days.
ps: we used to have fun in class when she sat next to me.

reply for additional details
by: serge harouni

we met in class in my old school before i got kicked out.we used to have when she was sitting next to me.and it’s been like 1 years since i last saw her. and i don’t she loves me.

How to Win BACK A girl
by: Anonymous

I expected a very long post of everything you have said to this girl since you lost contact and how she has responded. If you are just looking to hang out with her or sort of get her back or resurrect those old feelings, you can achieve that but you have to go through the right way.

There is no kind of spontaneous attitude you could just put up to get her excited, you just need to be the original you and don’t try to impress her in any way or over emphasize the fact that you have missed her company.

Just be your normal self, look for a simple way to get her attention then talk to her. Ask her about her present situation and job and other stuff, just do it confidently and don’t be in a hurry or show desperation and most importantly; don’t try to grab her with two hands.

give her space, don’t stalk her, play hard to get and.

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And here for building your self confidence


Keep me Posted.

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