What Can I Do Inorder to Attract This girl so That i Can Ask Her Out

by Charles
(Fayettevile,Nor Carolina)

I have this girl in my work place.she is 20 years old.I am an international student,so my accent is not like the American one,but I speak good English.We have different cultures.

I like the girl and I told her that I like her within the first week and she said thank you. First of all,the thing began like this:She asked me my age and I said I am 22,then I asked her’s and she said 20.Then I said really? she said yes,and she said what would I think her age would be? Then I said 23 or 24.She is young but looks like a 24-year old girl.

Then she said it’s because she has not used a make-up.Then I told her that “But still you look pretty”. After 3 days then I told her that By the way I like you.

I first asked her cellphone number and she gave me in the beginning. We do text each other, but sometimes she doesn’t respond. I have always asked to go out and she accepted but has cancelled the first one. It took some days and we texted with each other, so I asked her if she could schedule another day for us to go out either to play tennis or watch a movie.

She said she will let me know and it has now passed one week since she said so. Yesterday we chatted via phone I told her that” I have realized she takes long to choose a day for us to go out,and that I would love if we can hangout tomorrow.she didn’t reply.

She has always said she would like to travel to Africa in future. She also used to ask me whether I cook or not.I said yes I cook,but I am not perfect in cooking and she said she is learning as well. I once also told her that there are many things I will tell her when we hangout.Then she said like what? I said like animals in Africa and many other more.

So,what advice can you give me? Have I ruined myself by asking her out yesterday via the phone that we should hangout tomorrow? Also in general, American girls seem to be complicated.I mean do I have to be direct with them sometimes or not.

Do I have to go slow while dating?I am black and she has a Spanish-looking skin color.She seems interested and it seems like I am the one causing the problem,yet to me I feel like she is the one in the first place to cause me to act like this.

Thank you.

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What Can I Do Inorder to Attract This girl so That i Can Ask Her Out

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How to Ask out a Girl and get Her to show Up
by: Dave Anan

You are very few steps away from ruining the relationship. you are letting her play the lead role, while you answer to her, you allowed the fact that you are black to mess up your affairs with girls but that is only in your mind! She sees you the way you see yourself. she is practically “the man” how can you ask a woman to fix the next date to hang out with you??

What are you expecting? “Hello Charles, let’s hang out today”

She’s probably been waiting for you to ask again the right way… the confident way, like a real man. women don’t hang out with scared insecure guys.

you can toughen up or lose more girls

Well, I used to be like that, most guys are just that way – trying to please women, I call it the “please take me” attitude.

Tell me, what is happening at the moment??

More on Asking out a girl

by: Charles

I didn’t text her since yesterday.I texted her now and she replied instantly and smiled and said she is washing clothes.I said I wanted to say hi to her and wish her good day,and same to me.I didn’t remind her again that we should hang out today. I think my problem is asking a girl out in the right way. Yeah,by the way,I was expecting her to say that let’s hangout like you said,which is wrong.Now we are back on track with her.

by: Anonymous

I have now asked her straight-forward.I said lets hangout today,and she said she has a birthday party at 2:00pm to attend.

by: Dave Anan

“…and she said she has a birthday party at 2:00pm to attend.”

What was your reaction when she turned you down amicably?? – I really want to see you today? Please don’t do this to me? or you said “alright, tell me when next you are chanced?

Here is the right thing to say “alright, don’t worry, we may still hang-out some other time, if I get the chance.”

how many text messages have you send today??
If it is less than three then you are still cool but if it is more than three you ve lost it again.

You will keep making mistake with women until you learn to control your emotions

by: Anonymous

When she said she has a birthday party at 2pm,then I said let it be at 4 pm.Then she said today is not a good day for her.Then I said Tuesday next week at 3pm.She replied she will let me know. Then I said if she is not interested let her say so.She replied she sure will let me know. I missed again by sending more than 3 texts today.Thanks for your advice.I will use them next time with other girls.

What Can I Do Inorder to Attract This girl so That i Can Ask Her Out
by: Dave Anan

Sometimes it is just a bit hard to learn how to really attract pretty girls and get them to dance to our tune but if you keep hitting at it, keep trying to be yourself and keep trying to do the right things, you will find out that it would start being easy.

At some point it becomes completely easy. You can make mistake all you want, but if you have grown enough to recognize your mistakes when you make them, then I would say you are progressing.

Just keep hitting at it, keep trying to be a real man, keep trying to be the amplified man! Don’t think she is way over your league, she wants you, you just need to showcase a more confidence… more tough version of yourself.

Like A real man See our latest article on how to impress a girl and like I always say – do keep me posted.

How To Impress A Girls

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