what did she want me to do when I was sitting close to her?

by Matt

I had a pretty months back that used to give me a lot of signals but her boyfriend was in the way so I looked another way

A month ago, I saw her pass by but she walked half across the hallway and she stopped, walked close to me and I said nothing or glance at her. A week later, I said Hi, how are you doing so she ignored me and she walked passed by me so I approached her and I noticed that she was waiting for me on a bench staring wide at me as i approach. I sat across from her on a bench and she moved in very close and she looked into my eyes and then my hands and then my jeans and back into my eyes. getting me scared!

So I am wondering what she wants me to do
1)Ask for a date
2)Give her a hug
3)Or a kiss
4)Start a conversation
5)say how sorry I am
7)other explain

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what did she want me to do when I was sitting close to her?

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She is either the college girls gone bad kind or she is simply into you
by: Anonymous

First you have to understand the situation here, she’s been looking out for you, but you haven’t owned up for months now, you said she’s got a boyfriend who she apparently doesn’t want or maybe she want him as well as you.

The choice is largely yours to make, it is obvious that she is interested in having a relationship with you
and you are probably not being man enough which keeps her wondering for months why you just wouldn’t stand up and take her, I said here that a beautiful girl would scarcely walk up to you and tell you how she wants you make out with her They can only act it and hardly talk about it.

Like I said earlier, she is either the “college girl gone bad” kind or she is simply into you. You need to act like a real man and make the move if you really want her. There is no better turn off for girls than a confused guy

However, if she is just the college girls gone bad” kind, you can choose
to either play “chase” or go look for someone serious.
hope that helps

see How To Increase self confidence for more help

best regards

Be a challenge
by: Jus

Take the risk and try being a challenge too. This may elicit some jealousy in her and make her chase you.

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