what do i do? I want to date me best frriends girlfriend


There is this girl I know, she used to be my best friend’s girlfriend. the 1st day my friend introduced her to me, I fall in love with her and the same with her. She also fell in love with me, but the problem was my friend. I never wanted to betray him but to my greatest surprise she can to me and told me that she loves me, Initially, I tried to make her change her mind because I didn’t want to hurt me friend. somehow the love text she sent to me, my friend saw it and was angry with her. Now, they have broken up and i am now asking her out, but she is not coming up with anything.

somethings she will say that she is having some feeling for me, but if i tell her that i love her, she will tell me to stop that I am setting her up by saying so. please i love this girl so much and i want her.thanks peter.

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what do i do? I want to date me best frriends girlfriend

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I want to date me best frriends girlfriend, what do i do?
by: Dave Anan

Your aspiration to take over your best friend’s girlfriend is not completely out of line neither is it entirely decent but it happens, stuff happens.

So let’s just deal with the current situation since (it appears) you have fallen deeply in love with the pretty girl. The problem seems to be that you can’t figure out why she is suddenly pulling backward

Like I said, stuff happens. Sometimes you just don’t see it coming. I have said before that It is not right to accept the invitation of a pretty girl with two hands, it really pays to play hard to get.

When was the last time you called her?? And what did you say to her? You can still get her back if you follow my tip

Dont try it
by: Anonymous

Please dont try 2 to do that because it’s very dangerius

I want to date my best friend’s girlfriend
by: Andrew

Frankly, I think it is cool to date any girl you want irrespective of her past relationshipS except when she is your best friend’s girlfriend.

Not only will it hurt your friendship with the guy, it is also a bad relationship move, so I suggest you find another girl if you know your friend is still in love with the chick in question. common, it would be like stabbing him from behind.

by: peter

they two are no longer going out

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