What Do I Say In The First 5 Minutes on Conversation

by jani

OK so imagine a house party, with some hot girls, I don’t have confidence issues and I can go up to a girl without problems but what gives me trouble is what to say in the first 5 min with a chick I’ve never talked to, what should I say? the classic “do you have any brothers /sisters” just turns her off so could you please suggest a couple of subjects to talk about with a hot chick?

I hope you are getting my question very clear, I just want to know what to say to a hot chick in the first five minutes of conversation to practically spur her attraction.

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What Do I Say In The First 5 Minutes on Conversation

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What to Say in The first Five Minutes With a Girl
by: Dave Anan

There are no line that does the instant magic or get it quickly fixed when it comes to dating and relationship stuff. there are different kind of hot girls, what worked for one may not work for another.

Building rapport with women involve a kind of attitude and character, it really doesn’t matter what you say, if I tell you what worked for me it may not work for you, you know those lines you copy down from the internet? They are complete crap! they don’t work in the first five minutes and most of them don’t really work at all with women.

In this article “Effective Communication With Women”, I strongly emphasized on why you shouldn’t ask a women about her brother/sister – it is so old fashion, I would never do that.

OK, the question is what to say to a girl in the first few minutes of a conversation, right? Personally I go like this “Hello, how are you doing?” then I throw in a question like “what are you doing here, looking for hot guys like every other girl around? OK, I always go cocky and funny, have you read about it – Cocky and Funny, if you want to talk to pretty girls and get them attracted, you need to start talking like a man and not like her kid brother

Talk like you got something to offer and cut out the “please take me” attitude, don’t tend to bribe her with drinks or food or whatever, you would look like every other guy that have been boring her all day long.

Ask her what she thinks about Obama, ask her about politics and tell your story. Tell her you like the president.

And more about What to say to a girl in the first five minute of conversation – See Best Pick Up Lines

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by: Anonymous

talk about the party it self if they playing a certin song say something like thats a cool song or talk about the food at the party or ask her if she;s friends with who ever is having the party say like how long have u been knowing darryl & jolene are do u work with jolene then ask her if she;s from around hear or where does she lives or if they have a football game on the tv ask her if she;s a fan or who;s her favorite team either N F L or college i have been known to make jokes at partys but keep dem clean not all women like dirty jokes or if your getting u a drink ask her if she whould like one her self but don;t come on strong don;t ask her if she;s single or deviorced just wait now if she ask you if your hear by your self say i came with my cousins or whoever

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