What it takes for a novice to attract women

by Adlo

I think I am a complete novice when it comes to women and dating, how do I attract hot girls without having to work out my -you know what. I haven’t been in a relationship for the past two years, since the last one went sour, though there had been some little, very little luck, those time I like stumble on a beautiful girl and before you say Jack Bauer, she is gone.

I am not trying hard to be funny here but I really hope to change the fact that women don’t actually stick to me, so what does it take to attract women even when I am a novice. I come across lots of beautiful girl on my estate, some smile at me and I don’t even know what to say. Please I could use some help Thanks.

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What it takes for a novice to attract women

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Dating guide to a novice
by: David Anan

Some guy said it is so possible to attract women even while you are asleep if only you know the magic. Thanks for your question and that is just a joke that should be looked into. First I know you asked a question about how to be successful with women even if you are a novice to relationships. But I want to talk about attracting girls while you are sleeping.

Do you really think it is possible? If you would allow me I would say yes! it is possible but with the following reasons.
1 The lion does not loose it’s dominating ability even while it sleeps. That’s my only reason, I guess it is only one reason. About novice attracting girls, it is so possible but not as a novice but as a changed novice – A real man. If you want to get women, any woman you want then you need to learn what works when it comes to women and dating. Here is a great help for how a novice can attract women

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