What men want, exploring the differences in respect to what women want.

What men want in a relationship is always so different from what women want. What do we want? guy, what do you want from a lady.

Lets answer the question. you have to be honest here… lets get serious, what do we really want and why are we hardly curbed.

Statistics shows that forty-five percent of American men cheat on their wives regularly, while just twenty to twenty-five percent of women cheat on their husband, and not even on regular bases. This character of us men sometimes set the woman who tries all she could to take care of her husband to still wonder what we really want

I guess it is just our nature, which though could be managed, controlled or curbed.

Determining what men really want from women is not an easy project to undertake judging from our character. Would you want to start from the way we stare at the next girl even with one sitting beside us or do you want to talk about the way we slip through arguments when caught between our lies

Talk about our insatiable test for the next woman, one after the other, we are ready if she could just pass our “eye test” as that is our only testing instrument, once the eye accept, the stomach growls, then we are out trying

What women want is to go step-by-step starting from the beginning to the next. While the man is ready to start from the end to the beginning and back to the end, always going to to the end. you know there are many types of “end”.

Seriously, what we want is to drive all the way, almost not minding the implication.

OK, men got brains, we make decisions, we do almost all the thinking in the world, But eighty percent of all men may not be able to do without sex in just three days What men want in a relationship is a sex, romance filled day. We want to do away with all those women talk about patience and procedure, we want to answer men.

We want to get it when we want it, take it when we want to and leave it if we get tired, without entertaining any sort of question, we want to be at the top

What men want is almost not a fare bargain, that’s why the women are there to regulate the situations. Instigate some level of ground covering.

See what women want

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