what scares girls away when we plan a date days before?

by Jackson

I told her a week before.thinking things wouldn’t be more organized, I heard they prefer hearing it in the last minute, they call it surprise If I plan something early, they get scared. that’s so weird.

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what scares girls away when we plan a date days before?

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Get confident.
by: Dave Anan

Don’t take it personal, It could be anything, maybe you are making a desperate call instead of a confident one, there is nothing that bore a beautiful girl like a desperate guy, like calling every other minute and singing about the date -“hello Ann, still want to remind you about the date on Sunday evening hope you are not going to disappoint me, just wanted to remind you” then you hang up. then A minute later you send her a love text.

OK, this is it, no matters how clinging a beautiful girl looks today, a wrong attitude could have her turn around the next day, guy make the mistake of thinking that they have fully gotten her “c’mon she said she loved me, kissed me on the cheek, smiled often at me, goodness! she is into me” then you think you have gotten her

or probably tend to strengthen the bond by bombarding her with love text and frequent call, “after all she said she loved me” then the next day she is freaking out and you are wondering. Girls are attracted to hot, scarce guys who probably have little time for them, not the every day calling, every minute pleading guy.
Get confident
and above all, learn to ask her out

Hope that helps

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