what she think about me

hey coach i have been a very good friend with a girl since last 2 years.in first year she cares me a lot and she calls me regularly and always answer my calls.

our friendship was very good at that time we share every thing to each other.after first year she started avoiding me and my calls a little bit not always but some time we can say 15%.I asked about this and she denied ever rejecting my calls and she never tried to ignore me and again things were going fine but there is another person with whom she was talking and going out and that time she lied whenever i called.

but the girl always said that i am her best friend and she always wanna touch with me in the life she makes me feel good by saying some very good words.

after some time another guy came into the picture with whom she started going out with, this days her numbers is always busy and she doesn’t often return my call or reply back the text messages when I ask her about it, she would always say “if I don’t call, why don’t you call back.

but after some time she calls back and speak very nicely like hello how are you and she speak nicely and some time we went out for dinner and movie.

now, she is totally ignoring me she picks my call but the way she speaks is like she is speaking under pressure and like she is just doing me a favor. I really feel very bad for my self that i have lost all my self respect and some time i firmly decide that i will not speak to her any more but after some day
again i forget all the insults and everything and wanna talk to her.

I am totally unstable in my mind some of my friend asked me to leave her, affirming that she is just using me. but when i am with her i feel very happy and but moment comes whenever i insist.

please help me to handle the situation and where I was wrong and what are he things i should do to get her attention.

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what she think about me

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by: Dave Anan

Most men lose their girlfriends the moment they lose their self worth and respect, the moment you tell her that she is all you’ve got, when you give her the impression that you would be miserable without her.

Then you start looking desperate, you start depending on her (sort of) when you wouldn’t sleep well without good night text, when you simply get too attached to a girl you lose her.

Now that there is another guy in the picture, it would be difficult to get her back but we can try if you want, but you have to play your part, no magic whatsoever just tactics!


what she think about me
by: akash

hey coach THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE ,i want her baak and i wana realise her the same thing that she had done with me.pease help.

How to get back my girlfriend.
by: Anonymous

Hello Akash,
I understand your anticipation, you wanna get her back, almost every guy also want to do the same thing with their girlfriend, I don’t understand what you mean by “realise her the same thing that she had done with me”

First, stop calling and begging her to come back to you. you need to behave like a real man if you want to get her, women are attracted to real men and not just some scared school boy. you can get a woman to chase you by playing hard to get and adapting the “I don’t care” attitude.

when was the last time you called her, how many days ago, what did you say to her and what was her response?

how to get her back
by: Anonymous

due to some reason we had fight at that time she cut the call and after that she is not picking the call.i tried too many times but she is not responding to the call, My calls goes unanswered. Suppose I start behaving like a real man as you suggested and she doesn’t call what then should i do.

You can get her back or just quit the relationship
by: Anonymous

if you didn’t get her back after doing the right thing then you just need to go for the next girl, it is either you take things the right way or you just wear out yourself trying to impress her. you need to try your best then turn the other way if your best didn’t work out.

you can only get sunk in deeper mess and get overwhelmed by working hard to impress her, the truth is that you can get back a girl by crying at her feet, that is just a good way to push her farther, you simply bored her out with what I call the “please take me” attitude, but you can get on top of the game and re arrange your game, that way, you either get her back or get someone probably more fascinating.

I have been in this kind of rot in the past, most guys just have to learn along, as they meet more girls and get to date them.

you can try or just quit, it’s your choice. but like I said, the only way is to get tough and man enough, you don’t need to buy her precious gifts or give some services, it wouldn’t help. I want to know the last time (precisely) you called her.

what she think about me
by: Anonymous

the last i called her around 3 days back and i was the one who was continuously calling her and she was not picking of my call her no was busy and she didnt call back.But on the phone she speak in a good manner.plese help me what should i do.

Here’s some advice
by: Anonymous

Hey man, I read your story and I just want to say, I am in a very similar situation myself. I felt the Christian thing to do would be to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences. Girls don’t usually go for the desperate guy. I would just stop calling her for a while. You need to take a break and use that time to build up your confidence. Go hang out with some friends or what not. I’m sure she will notice you havn’t been calling. She might even try calling you eventually. But my main point is, make her want you. Take some time away and when you talk to her again, make sure your confident and you know you are in control. Don’t worry if you think you’ll never speak to her again. Obviously she thinks a lot of you or she wouldn’t have become good friends with you. Hope my advice helps and I pray it works out for you.

What She Thinks Of Me
by: Dave Anan

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You can also learn to Ask Her Out The Right Way Most guys don’t know how to make this move.

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