What Should I do When Another guy is Hitting on my Girl friend

by micheal
(Nwe Orlean)

I know that guys are used to hitting on my girlfriend but this one guy is getting me mad and I don’t know why. I am 20 and she is 19 and we’ve been friends for about a year plus and we lives 45 minutes away from each other. that is good because we don’t quite get sick of each other. she is a pretty girl and we really love each other but some other is also interested, guys just can’t get their eyes off her. I trust her because she tells me everything.

This is the story: I had just walked out of the bathroom when she walked into my house and I asked what she was up to. Among other things, she said that she went for a run and said that it ended up being a ‘mistake’. Me, obviously being curious, asked Why, and she told me how she went running with her friend (a male) and he got flirty and wouldn’t stop touching her. she said she told him to knock it off, and that she was angry because he is trying to ruin the friendship by not respecting her.

I really trust her but I think this is way out in line and secondly, they have been running together for quite a while and he just keep doing that. personally I think he is just interested in making out with her and nothing else but it is up to her to let go of the friendship
I know she would do that if I asked. so I am confused, what do you think I should do. thanks for your help

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What Should I do When Another guy is Hitting on my Girl friend

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What to do when another guy is hitting on your girlfriend.
by: Anonymous

I think the best approach would be to let it go, if there is ANY thing you would always come across in the field of dating – it would be other guys trying to eat your dish…if I may put it that way.

You said you trust your girlfriend and she tells you everything, then I think you guys have something really sweet going on. Just close your eyes to the outside noise and move on. as for the intruders, they would always be there, if you chase one, another would surface and real men are not known to keep fighting.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks Dave,
I already made up my mind to let it go and that’s just what I am going to do. And I think I really love your site the tips are great. Thanks for the help

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