What To Do About This lady… Do I even Have a Chance??

by Erick

Hi, here’s my story, i am very good friends with this woman I work with, she is in a relationship that she told me is not very good (ups and downs), he travels a lot and one day they talked and he said some bad things that led her to doubt the relationship, on her msn status she put “the end is the beginning of….”,

With that shown i told her how i really felt about her, (more than a friendship), she told me that she wasn’t really sure if her relationship was going to continue or not, and that she likes me as a good friend, and that she doesn’t want me to suffer because of her not responding to my feelings and that she understands if i didn’t talk to her because of that.

I really don’t want to loose communication with her, so i toughen up and said to her that we could continue as friends, we get along very well together and recently we went to a concert and i take her to her house after work (most of the time). I want to keep this going on hopefully she would realize that i can be something more than a friend and give me a chance if her relationship finishes.

Am i doing the right thing? Do you think i have a shot? What should i do ?? Please help me.


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What To Do About This lady… Do I even Have a Chance??

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Should I wait For her??
by: Dave Anan

It really doesn’t taste nice to wait around for a lady, if you like her toughen up and go for her! it’s just the thing I would do. If you really want her, you can get her.

I just need to know where you really stand.

Do you call her often?

Does she live with the other guy?

Have you visited her at home??

and most importantly, does she call you?
how often and how does she sound

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