What to do after a girl accepts date ?

by Haze

I’m going out for the first time in 3 years, I really don’t remember what to do at all. Today is Satueday, but my date is on Monday. I really don’t know what to do now that she accepted my invitation. I don’t want to sound like I’m desperate, texting her till monday, or like I’m not interested in going. Can you guys tell me what do, talk about with her, or should I be even texting her at all ? i’m sort of confused, and I really, really like this girl, I don’t want to mess it up, because I have 3 years without dating due to getting heartbroken. She was very sencere with me, when I asked her, she said, “Well I’m busy this weekend, but how about Monday.” I said yes. Well, lately I just text because I don’t want to call her and mess it up, by saying something wrong. She said that she’s getting a little sick, but that she hopes it goes away by Monday. I told her yeah, I hope, so that you feel better. Then we text back and forth the whole day till like 6pm, I believe that’s were we stopped. Because the last thing she said was, “Yes,” and likewise with me. We were talking about sports and which one we like. That was were the texting stop. Is there something wrong that I’m doing here ?

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What to do after a girl accepts date ?

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Good you are on the right path
by: Dave Anan

It’s so good you know it is wrong to get desperate, It could mess up the whole relationship and you’ve got to slow down a bit, looks like your heart is beating much faster. first you’ve got to calm down, this girl is not the only pretty girl in new york, she is sweet, loving, cool, I know! but you should have it at the back of your mind that if this fails there are still over a million other you could hang out with, she is you first in three years, but you are not going to loose your mind over her, so straighten up a bit.

see First Date Ideas stop sending the text, let her ask you why, then tell her you are a bit busy if it didn’t happen this way
just don’t call her again till Monday, see Ask Her Out

If you ever get to talk to her again before the date, ask about her health, if she is still sick, say “don’t worry I hope you get better but if we don’t see this Monday, we still have next week or even next month” This sentence will further tell her you are not desperate.

hope that helps

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