What Women Want From Men in Relationships

Lets talk about what women want from men in relationships have you had a girl let’s say in a club, ultimately, clinging to you, I am talking about a girl you are just meeting for the first time and She sounded so cheap, smiling at every comment you make.

She made you feel so comfortable like you are chatting with your girlfriend of all time. She sat very close to you stimulating your veins with a touch of those two apples each time you make a turn around, she made you feel like she was a great player.

What women want

She would almost kiss your ear while talking to you or should I say whispering to you. every thing looked structured out, you thought this definitely wouldn’t be far from a jackpot.

You finally caught an easy one, the only thing keeping you from tearing her apart seem to be the crowd, lets say you are in a restaurant

“Wait,” you whispered to your already hungry guest of honor, “wait, it is not yet time,” calming it down each time it raises its head sculptured in those “let get it” style. What women want in men is always miles away from what men want.

She saw a guy that sparked up her attraction, She was so attracted to you that she was looking for a way to tell you that she is interested. Also trying to figure out who you are and what you are capable of, in her her own calm flirtatious way. She wanted to present a sexy, sweeter version of her self to you.

This was almost all she planed, “to get you.” To attract the sweetest guy in the room in her own little eve style

But we guys have our own interpretation to every move a lady makes, to us guys, that’s definitely an invitation for sex but that’s not what women want. Women are greatly disappointed and discouraged when a guy couldn’t figure out what they mean.

When a guy couldn’t figure out what they want. When a guy appears too straight forward, when all he wants is sex immediately, instantly, instantaneously. without talking first. this keeps guys wondering what women really want from men.

They always want to talk, talk about what? you might ask, what women want is for us to get them comfortable with our words tell her it is OK for her to sit beside you, tell her it is right for her to be your girlfriend, They want us to tell them that their secrets are secured, she wants to trust you with her body but first she has to trust you. so get her comfortable with words.

I hope you know the different between getting her comfortable and giving compliments Women like Elizabeth always ponder things in there heart without saying it out.

A woman could be thinking, “god! this guy is hot, I think I can have Him. But how do I get Him attracted to Me? should I say hi to him? No, He would take me for a cheap girl. But let me just try, then she says “hi!” and the guy is staring at her like she did the most unthinkable thing on earth, at this point, she feels, This guy is not matured enough,

This is what a matured guy does, he picks up from where the girl stops, like flowing with the communication.

They want a man who would correct their faults and still take them, without seeing them as being stupid. when A woman makes the first approach, they expect the guys to take it from them and keeps it going also keeping her dignity, making her fell alright for doing that.

Like getting closer to her and saying things like “I’ve seen you often around this club, is this where you come to steal away hot guys like me?” now, that’s Cocky Funny

And here, you took the conversation from her and managed it well, making her much comfortable and getting her more attracted to you by teasing her. did I tell you that teasing women gets them smiling at you. What women want is for us to really understand them, give them a little respect, What they really want is a step-by-step love life, where they are carried along with love, respect and effective communication. Keeping almost-no-secret and being romantic. sex will come naturally after they can trust you. that’s what women want in men, so different from what men want.

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