What’s a clever/witty reply when a girl says she has a boyfriend?

by JL
(United States)

When I was in a store I saw a girl who had remembered me from a couple months earlier. She said, “it’s been awhile” in a flirty voice. I also remembered her. We talked while she rang up my purchases. I took “the cue, or hint” and asked if I could call her sometime. She told me she had a boyfriend, as I figured she would (I still thought positive when first approaching her and until I left). So in the moment all I could think of as a reply (instead of: okay, bye) was: unless you’re was going to marry him, then likely you’ll date again and then we could talk on the phone/go out another time. She said she’d think about it, and she still looked interested in my reply.

I don’t think it was my best reply, but I want a reply to the “boyfriend” response to be one that makes the girl think about keeping her options open as well as for me to be clever/witty. Many guys likely aren’t sure what to say to the boyfriend answer. What is something you tell the girls whenever they give you this reply?

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What’s a clever/witty reply when a girl says she has a boyfriend?

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She said ‘I have a boyfriend
by: Dave Anan

Most girls talk about having a boyfriend as some form of defensive mechanism or to feel a sense of security. I have dated lots of girls that talked about being in a relationship before we met that ended up throwing everything else at me on the long run.

Now when a girls says ‘I have a boyfriend’ I just say something like ‘ye I know you should but that wouldn’t be a problem since we make the better match.

Just say something in that regard, you don’t need to seem alarmed because some other guy happened before you, women always end up with the toughest guy
In the room.

Sometime I just say ‘cool, but your dream should be to end up with the right one’ The whole idea is to sound confident and positive then just get her number and move slowly. There is a case scenario on Chicks Made Easy about how to win over a girl with a boyfriend.

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