When should i call or text a girl?

by Seiku

Hi am Seiku abt dis girl I met at e bank we ave seen each other at a place jxt a stone throw from my house b4 seein my house.am happy as she knew my sister n they completed school da same year.I was wit dem as I monitored the conversation.she ask abt my family n I also ask abt hers.she liked our mansion n she is also from a rich background. Bt she tries to hide her feelings, she also told me dat da dad is tryin to divorce their mum.I gave her advice.she txt me wats up da followin day I txt ave miss her she said reali das sweet .she ask me if is rainin in our place I said yep.from da way things re goin will I succed in gettin her n how. cos first she was nt picking n now she does.she is a nurse n stays alone.I learnt sumtin from ur site dat I should nt reply her msgs rite away n am usin it. When should I call or txt her I mean da days n time.bt I can see she also prefers text messages

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When should i call or text a girl?

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When to reply her text messages or call her
by: Dave Anan

Seem like u really love this girl, together we can make her yours forever. There is just no specific number of days to wait before replying her text massage. Personally, I often go into the texting spree with pretty girls but always know when to call it a break don’t keep hitting her phone until she says she is tired. Be the one to get tired first, make it look like u have other things to do, it gets her to chase and u would make yourself more appealing. U told her you missed her, it’s ok but don’t stress it.

Next time, it would be better u ask if she is missing u instead going all out. All the same, you are not doing bad, u are right on track

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