Where to meet teen age girls during summer (Urgent)!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Tommy Miner
(newbury park, ca, USA)

ok so i really want to find some “girl friends”(friends that are girls) this summer. But where do i look? Please help me. oh and i am going to the beach with the same girl that i went to homecoming with. The one that i didn’t know if she liked me more than friends. Anyways how should i act around her to make her feel attracted to me. Please help Urgent!!!!!
`Tommy M

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Where to meet teen age girls during summer (Urgent)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where to Meet Girls In the Summer
by: Dave Anan

Hello Tommy,
Nice talking to you again, it appears you have loads of questions about dating girls. Talking about “where” to meet girl I can only make a straight forward suggestion way above what ever you may be thinking.

Guys keep wondering about “where” to find girls, personally, I think the main problem is “how” and not where.

The moment you walk out of your house going to school or to a party, there is every chance you will run into one pretty girl or another, if you happen to be in a party you will likely be dancing alongside hundreds of pretty girls.

I think the problem is how to approach those girls and not where to find them. We guys are often looking for the easy ones, the kind of girl that would likely walk up to us and do the talking…

They likely have gone extinct… in this age, guys do the talking, we make the first move, we keep the ball rolling. I know it is hard to make it happen, just keep trying.

About the girl you went to homecoming with, haven’t you been able to figure out if she really love you??

This site was created to help you figure out all of that and you can make the uttermost use of it by simply tumbling more pages.

4th of july
by: Anonymous

Should i invite the girl to a 4th of july party we could watch the fireworks together.

Where to Meet Girls During Summer
by: Anonymous

Where to meet girls during summer? try the streets
there is no better place

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