Why can’t I get a girl to go out with me?

I am a fairly attractive, 24 yr old male. I contantly get compliments on my looks. I have a good job, nice car.. not to brag, but I’ve always thought that was also attractive to women (a successful guy).
My problem is that I just can’t seem to get a girl to go out on a date with me. Getting one to start talking to me is not a problem, but when it comes to trying to get them to go out, I run them off for some reason.

They act like they are interested at first, texting back and forth everythings cool… then before I can meet them or go out with them they stop talking to me? I just think it’s so weird how they act.

I’ve tried playing the don’t care game, being nice, to name a couple. Obviously I’ve just lost my game. I use to get girls all of the time, but haven’t been on a real date in close to 2 years.

I’ve recently moved to a new town going on 2 years now and made some friends, but none of them seems to know anybody to introduce me to and I’m not good at going out and doing it myself.

The ones I have been half way introduced to (mostly thru facebook to start) has went no-where. I get there number, text chat a bit, then poof!! they’re gone!! I have a little shyness in me, but working on that.. even tried playing the cocky arrogant guy a little but not to an extreme.

I’m absolutely lost. Most of the time these girls don’t even give me the chance before they’re gone.

I know your only given a vague description of my issues here, but I’m hoping this may be some kind of common issue you’ve seen and there’s something simple that I’m just doing wrong.

I thought the first couple girl they found somebody else or whatever reason. But it’s starting to look like I’m just absolutely butchering the game. Please help! I’m getting very frustrated with these girls haha.

(and on a side note, I have “been” with several girls over the last couple of years. Mostly with ones I don’t want a relationship with.

one night stands, but not as attractive as somebody I’m trying to find to have a serious relationship with) Thanks.

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Why can’t I get a girl to go out with me?

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I can’t get a girl to go out with me
by: Dave Anan

Hello J

Sorry it took me almost a week before getting back to you.

My understanding is that you haven’t been able to get the right girl to go out on a date with you, is that correct??

I used to be in the same exact situation, I used to be really lame and timid around pretty girls, I used to wonder why they seem to always scamper off while the relationship is at its crescendo.

The problem is in-between the day you meet them and the day you ask them out, I wrote an article about how to Ask Out A pretty Girl The Right way And Get Her To Show Up, pretty dated but quite resourceful.

It doesn’t happens in minutes but you can look back a year from today and wonder what if you never popped in here

You can come hang out with us – All The Way With Dave Anan and gain this fabulous experience that all the guys are talking about

Have a lovely day.

I am Dave Anan

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