Why does she Always cancel our dates and yet shows interest


I met her about two months ago from her behavior she seemed totally lovely and one thing led to another and we started dating…About a month ago we went on a date and it was great she said she loved it and wanted to do something of sort really soon… oh she also told me she’s seeing someone else.

So we planned on seeing again the next night, but she called me about an hour to the date, canceled and rescheduled. Then she started talking about more dates in the future.

When the actual day of the date rolled around, she canceled again.
Since then I have texted her once to hang out again and never got a reply.

I’ve seen her around since then and she still acts like she’s still interested. Also she occasionally sends me a text message, but if I reply I typically don’t hear back. I can’t understand why she would seem interested in me and don’t want to hang out.

This has been going on for about a week, so it’s all pretty fresh.

I don’t really know what to do, I’ve been advised by friends to write her off. Other friends have told me to ignore her and wait for her to make a move.

Do you think she is just playing games…I figured you called them the wonder girls, she is just almost the type. Should I take the advice my friends have given to me, or should I try one more time to set up a date? what do you think I should do? please help

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Why does she Always cancel our dates and yet shows interest

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When she show interestand not.
by: Anonymous

Hey Guy,
I have personally met and dated over a million girls that have this same attitude, your girlfriend is simply not sure of what would be a best for her.

She told you she’s got another guy but still shows interest, this is really not new in the world of dating and relationships, lots of girls give out mixed signals. If you got the heart to play relationship games you can go on and do just that, personally I think she is the player kind or how else can you justifies her level of infidelity.

to Dave
by: A

Thanks for your help but I really can’t seem to get it, when we are together it looks like we are a perfect match then the next minutes she wouldn’t want to talk then one week later she sends a text message asking after me and wanting to hang out then she would cancel. And I don’t really wanna play games with her, maybe I should let go of her

Why does she always cancel our dates
by: Jerome

Here is my take on this…it takes lots of guts to ask out a pretty girl and there are numerous reasons why she would or wouldn’t show up. There are lots of reason why a pretty girl would want to cancel a date, could be she found a better alternative… someone better than you.

Or she felt it is not really worth it hanging out with you. whichever way, you need a a clear understanding of ways women react and how women test men if you want to have success with women. Still wondering Why she always cancel dates? see How to ask her out

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She Always Cancel Our Dates
by: Dave Anan

Now here is the bomb! the most complete article on why a pretty girl would keep cancelling dates with you Freshly Baked!

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