How to Make her Pick my Calls and Reply my Text Messages

Some guys keep talking about how she refused to reply their text messages and call them back. Why does she not reply my text? Why is she not picking up her phone, What is wrong with her? Why is she refusing to see me, what did I do wrong, why does she keep rejecting my calls?

Why is she frustrating my efforts??

All these and many more are the questions you get from nice guys trying to make headway with a pretty girls, I must admit I have been in such situation before, when I was trying everything possible to make her happy and she just can’t seem to be happy

Why does she not pick my calls and reply my mails

It seemed like the more I work to bring her in the more she pulls off, the more calls I make and the more messages I send to her phone and facebook inbox the more she refuses to reply them,

I have been stuck here once, I am Dave Anan, and I have seen different sides of women, one girl could be so loving and sexy with one guy, then hostile and seemingly heartless to another guy

I think the simple reason is the way we approach, handle and the way we deal with girls. Women take us for what we say we are and who they find us to be,

that determines how they deal with us, it is bad to be too nice and also ugly to be brutal, we want women to pick our calls, we want them to reply our text massages, I want girls to answer when I call

I noticed guys feel sad when their mails are not replied, remember those days you came back and rushed to your computer to see if she replied and she didn’t or those nights you kept cuddling your phone on your bed hoping she would call and say something, anything… you just wished to hear her voice, you just wished for her to see things the same way you do.

and sadly she doesn’t, it is heart breaking and mind boggling to have girls treat you in such ways, with disdain and very little regard, when they don’t really care about the way you feel. Yes, you told her you love her and how far you want to go with her, you told her everything and you are even making plans for a trip to see your mum and she is just throwing your efforts to the trash can.

It is hurting, but it all depends on how we handle then from the beginning. Look closely and ask those guys that are successful with women, you will discover that they are at the helm of matters. Your attitude is what determines whether she stays or race ahead. What do you say to women the first time you meet them? how do you behave when they are around? Like a nice simple guy? Are you commanding and insulting? Do you understand what they want? Should you?

Is it necessary you know what a woman really want from you? Is it necessary you give it to them? do you do everything they asked? So they won’t leave or do you just do nothing…absolutely nothing and expect them to click??

Do you try to please women so they don’t leave?? should you?? I say no, you don’t need to work out yourself or pretend to be something else to have her pick your call and reply your text massages, you don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary to keep women, you have to eliminate the nice guy, “please take me” kind of attitude.

You know the “please take me” attitude, it is when you do anything unusual or out of ordinary, when you work hard to gain cheap acceptance which would definitely wear out in days. Most guys that are having a good life with pretty girls are usually not working more than their hands can carry, they live a normal life and worry-less, they complain less and most times care less than the average guy.

The irony of life is “when you work hard to keep it, you lose it” but when you clear your head and plan to move on, they keep falling in. women chase men who care little about them, while the average nice guy blow up his brains thinking about them and yet he doesn’t get them, you don’t get it when you over fantasies about it?

Bottom-line is, when you are desperate, you lose them. You need to calm down and gain confidence, you need to be proud of yourself and stop thinking she is way out of your league. If you want her to pick your calls and reply your text massages, You need to think and believe THAT you are worth having her before you can actually have her, like you are worth her and even more.

Most girls we lose are the ones we often think are way out of our league, those one we think are better than us, more beautiful and taller than us. if you heighten the price tag you have on yourself a little bit more, I bet you will be able to get more women and have more success with pretty girls, I bet you will have them call you back and reply when you want them to.

and here is the last tip, don’t get obsessed about no pretty girl and start sending 10 messages per day, except when you are just communicating through text messages and even then, delay the reply sometimes, pretend like you are busy it adds to you cart.

That is if you want to date anybody you like, if you REALLY want to keep her

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