Why She Would Cancel A Date

Here are the many reasons why a girl would cancel a date in the last minutes even though she was excited the first time you told her.

I would be doing this from the ‘me’ point of view so we would be looking at the many reasons why a pretty girls would cancel on me, why a girl would turn around and say ‘no, I can’t make it’ (which is often accompanied by some lame and awkward excuses).

Have someone canceled on you before? Do you get that often… to the point where you probably often nurse Fears Of Rejection while talking to girls? Do you often get disappointed??

why she would cancel

Why do you think women keeps cancelling on some guys… why would a girl cancel on you? Do you think it would have something to do with your looks, attitude or approach? why does few guys keep getting the pretty girls while the rest of us find it difficult to make head way?

So many questions… One Answer.

It is often exciting to hang out with a pretty girl. Pretty girls appears to be scarce like they have all been taken, they have this domineering aura and they expect to be treated with magnanimity, they believe that they have what it takes to date the best guy in the house.

So they tend to sieve these guys and hope to end up with the best, even though they often always end up with the toughest, (some jerk) who keeps making them feel like they are not enough.

Most guys go through lots of stress to get a beautiful girl to go out on a date with them, that’s the only reason why they tend to feel really heart-broken when she cancels in the last minute.

The nice guys keep thinking that pretty girls are hard and tough so they tend to move cautiously, they often start off with some ‘wild compliments’ then they offer to buy her dinner, hoping to impress her and get a chance to date them.

OK, let’s move progressively; why do you think a beautiful girl would cancel a date in the last minutes? It could be that something came up or a better guy came up. Most of the time it is the later – They found a better guy!

And how do they know that the other guys is better? I said that women have a way of sieving men and separating the low-confident scared nice guys from the tough and confident fellow.

It takes few things to succeed with women – the right attitude, approach and body language.

Attitude – To Get A Girl To Show Up

Your attitude and behavior plays a very significant role in your relationship, the way you asked and what you did after asking out a girl are also factors that could affect her decisions.

Frankly, this is not hard in any way, dating pretty women is not an impossible aspiration, it could be achieved if you decide to follow this site. How do you ask out a girl to ensure that she doesn’t cancel in the last minutes? is it right to ask through facebook, email, text message or a phone call?

What is the right thing to say and which is the best way to say it.

If you want to ask out a girl, be precise, say ‘hello Ann, lets hang out on Sunday evening, it would be fun.’ don’t beg her to come don’t ask her when she would be chanced, just tell her the time and avoid sounding desperate.

Most guys start of a conversation like this ‘hello Ann, would you be kind enough to see me on Sunday?’ That screams ‘wussy’ at a very high frequency. Whatever you do with pretty girls, project the image of some tough guy who is not too easy to take.

That is a short line of advice but very powerful.

Here is a must-read article on How To ask Out A Girl And get Her to show Up. It is a comprehensive version of the short tip above on how to ask out a hot girl and get her to show up.

Why A Girl Would Cancel A Date

I said that there are two reasons why a girl would cancel a date without giving any authentic excuse. Two things you need to do – Ask like a real man and behave like a real man after asking, how?

I stated above that there is a right way to ask out a girl and there is a wrong way, follow the link above.

Then what should you do after asking?? Call her every minute to remind her? or should you send a text message to get her to promise to show up? I said – don’t seem desperate, don’t be in a hurry to hang out with her, don’t tell her that she means the whole world to you yet.

So many guys keep saying that it is good to be natural and nice and real with girls and frankly, I don’t object but it depend on what you call being ‘natural and nice’

I don’t teach you how to play relationship games, I talk about techniques and tips you need to inculcate into your metabolism if you really want to succeed with pretty girls.

There are rules and regulations to almost everything in life which you need to follow if you want to arrive at a desired destination.

So if you want girls to stop Cancelling A Date With You – Ask the Right Way

And then you would need to see this article on how to Impress A Girl And Avoid Disappointment it is completely wonderful!

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