Will my long time “soulmate, and (recently brok up) ex GF get back together?

by Jay
(Woodland,California USA)

After 27 yrs of not seeing each other in our town,
Lisa and I ran into each other after 27 yrs, since we last dated, which lasted 8 months in the 80’s, she was 19, I was 24.

We ran into each other, 3 yrs ago, and in two weeks, after “sex txting” we were madly in love. She left a secured guy with a home of 12 yrs., for me, homeless living in my car.

This time we lasted nearly 3 yrs. when she began to stray and has been seeing a younger man just out of prison who is scu. My Lisa is gorgeous.

But she keeps me hanging on, wouldn’t even give “us” a second chance and lies about the things I hear or assume shes doing behind my back. She says she “will always love me”, and sees me at least 4 times a week, she hugs and kisses me and txt’s me.

Then she’ll change her attitude, and take forever to reply on a txt, or answer her ph, and I know she is txting him, because I looked at her phone and I was right, there were txt’s from him. Boy was she mad.

Yet she don’t apologise, or ever says “I want to try again”. She only says she wants to be friends and “MAYBE” down the road we can reunite for a 3rd time. I love her very much, we have great past memories and are very compatible.

Plus her folks like me too. so whats going on here? The break up she blamed all on me until I found out she was flirting with this guy while we were still a couple, and I knew that she was blaming me for her wrong doing.

Can I get her back? is she waiting for me to do or say something that would make her come to me? we both promised to be 2gether 4 ever (she’s 48 I’m 54 now) and she loves how I make love to her too. So I’m confused.

We are best friends and will always be, have been for 32 yrs., as she said “soulmates”. When westarted this time together, we never argued, everything was Magical, then things started going wrong and we started arguing more in the last 6 month than ever before.

This is now 6 weeks into the break up. We both won’t let go, so why won’t she just surrender her love and lets get back together? what would work? and mind you, this country USA is still in a recession neither of us work, I do have and small income each month, but not enough to make a living, and she lived with me in my car at a friends home, she never complained either.

I know I’m her man Special love, her Guy forever, so… why split up? why wouldn’t she give “us” another chance now?,Why wait and hope for that we can be a couple again6 months or a year later down the road? Confused, and heart broke, Jay

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Will my long time “soulmate, and (recently brok up) ex GF get back together?

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Can I get back my long time soul mate? NEW
by: Dave Anan

Hello Jay,
nice to hear from you. Pls I would get back to you within the next 12 hours, I have been in the field all day. Although it seem like you would have quite a contention.

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