Women Body Language

Understanding women body language is a breakthrough in relationship and dating, why do women behave the way they do? Why can’t they walk up to you and woo you? why are they being so conservative?

Why wouldn’t she hand out her number the first time you asked even if she is dying to have you?

Why do you think women play hard to get? – The female mind is entirely different from that of the man, the woman thinks in a different way. This is all about women psychology, how women think in dire situations and how they solve their problems.

Women Body Language

When a man need to kiss his girlfriend, he walks up to her gets it the way he want, but when the girl wants to kiss him she draws close and whispers something out of the ordinary to his ear, she bits her lips in those come get me manner, why do they pick on their finger when the words starts sinking in.

Why do women tend to seduce the man they want instead of just walking up to him and telling him right away? Or how do you think women make their choice of men? Women flock around guys that have understanding of women body language and the way women think

Why can’t they just walk away from the bad guys, why don’t women stick to the nice guys, after all, they deserve better after all their nice attitude and flower buying, why don’t women reward nice guys?

If you want to succeed with women you need to be able to understand women body language, the way they think, you need to understand what makes them feminine, you need to understand women psychology.

We are going to talk about women body language in a way you will perfectly master women…understanding every look she gives and every move she makes. Over sixty percent of women can’t walk up to their boyfriend and say “I need it” even married women find it difficult often,

They think it is selling out their pride, they often consider it overstepping of their boundary, they always want the man to be the initiator, so they either just flirt around or use their magic to stir up the winds. What am I saying here?…women still have a way of getting what they want…women still have a way of voicing out their opinion without saying a word and that is where they use their body languages

…that is why you need to be able to read women body language to be able to know what a pretty girl it thinking at a particular point in time. they are still able to pull lots of strings but very few guys understand their rhythm and dance to their tune

women are greatly disappointed when a guy couldn’t just figure it out, when a guy couldn’t just understand their invitation pattern, the way they beckon.

Most men think that the easiest ones are the ones on mini-skirt, the ones on sexy outfit. The way a lady dress is often linked to her background or the way she was brought up, their motives are often different, many guys think the lady in mini-skirt would be liable to having sex compared to the one on long skirt.

The one character any lady in need of sex must possess is nervousness, I am talking about the lady you just met, not your two years old girlfriend.

She shivers while talking, when she starts picking her hair and yet not picking it, when she plays with her phone or fondles her fingers the way she makes no impact on them, that is nervousness, this is women body language, this is their beckoning pattern.

The instability of her sensory nerves. She blushes and gets nervous because she knows she is falling for you and just can’t help it. She can’t do much about it, and she doesn’t know what you would think of her act, if you would take her for a cheap ride, if you feel the same way she does.

She could just walk out on you but she wouldn’t. She would rather kill her dignity then miss being with this newly found, yet unwrapped, tough, tick guy. There are ways you talk to lady that make her see you as a rear commodity

Many guys had succeeded in hitting it the first day they met her, there is this longing, that crop up in women when it appears to them that they are talking to a tough guy, the longing to be with him, to attract him, to give much

You could read women body language, while talking to them for minutes. You would know if she is getting attracted or repelled. It so hard for a woman to curb nervousness once she is attracted to you.

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