How and Why Women Test Men

How women test men, why do women test men? Here is a collection of reasons why women always want to try out their men before diving really hard into it. Come to think of it, why don’t women just hand out their numbers the exact minutes you ask even when she is dying to be with you.

She would rather pretend like she doesn’t want you at first. Why do women keep pretending like they just don’t wanna be with you even when they really do? Why does she reject your calls when you are in need of speaking with her? why does she make you feel like you are not enough?

How women Test men

Women know how to put a guy in bad moods especially when you are just starting out with dating, they can have you whimpering all day… crying over canceled dates and promises that was never kept.

You remember those days she promised to come to your house and ended up with another guy, maybe your friend told you he saw her at peters’ and you got heartbroken wondering why nice guys don’t seem to succeed with hot women.

I know you are hoping for the best, you are probably reading this because you really want to date pretty girl or you want to get a particular girl to Fall Madly in Love With You, and frankly, you can achieve that if we walk together.

I know you definitely want to be able to make all these female games to go away but you can’t seem to be able to pull the right strings

Many guys never do learn about women in their entire life and unfortunately often end up with someone they never really wanted.

You have tried, I know, but here is a secret – many of life’s troubles fixes themselves by default when you stop working so hard to fix them. First…stop working hard, stop getting your head stretched to gain acceptance, stop trying to please women.

How Women Test Men.

Do women often put you on the hold to do other things, does she always give lame excuses why she never showed up for dates, reasons like she slept off or she forgot? Does she always talk about how good her ex was? What should you do?

Personally I would go Cocky And Funny that’s the language that put beautiful girls in perspectives.

When women play their “hard to get” when they test you in those varieties of ways women test men, don’t argue, don’t complain when you do, you look vulnerable, you look desperate and that doesn’t speak well of a man I mean a Real Man.

Have you called a beautiful girl before and she said “I am busy call me back later” that is another way women test men, what should you do? Call exactly in one hour time? or do you ignore what she said and call back immediately? now, I said women test men to know if they are good enough.

If they have staying power, women keep playing hard to get, hoping you wouldn’t stop the chase, she is looking to see how far you are willing to go, the bunch of bull-shit you are willing to take, she wants to know if you are for real or just faking around.

Women have this simple ways of testing men… some guys have fully mastered the pattern… to the extent that they literally pick women… and they are referred to as “bad guys” why several other guys are yet stuck trying to figure women.

When she cancels your date

Beautiful girls are good at cancelling date, sometimes they are confused about who to really go out with, I have seen girls promise countless number of guys date the same day and ended up seeing one while the rest waste the whole day waiting away in some restaurant and hoping she would show up. This is a regular women routine so how do you solve this?

Complain? Stop dating women and resort to dating men? Your reaction determines whether she would run back to you and apologize or shake you off and count you as one of those looser.

What do you think the average guy would do? I am thinking he would call and complain then tell her how he really wanted to be with her and how he would keep trying until she agrees to see him. Now, he just told her she is in charge

And that is a pretty bad move in a relationship. Personally I avoid such words that put women on top; leaving you as the “average nice guy” you know nice guys keep being nice while the bad guys keep hitting it.

When she cancels on you, call her and say “don’t worry you may get another chance… there are one hundred and sixty six days in a year, we can use any one of them” that’s cocky and funny. That is unlike the average guy who would call and complain and grill and end up screwing up completely

A Real Man shakes it off like it’s nothing, a real man knows how to manage his own pit-falls.

These are all the everyday different ways women test men to determine who is best for them and for several other reasons. Pretty girls get pissed when you just can’t wait up and get screened.

So what am I saying? When a pretty girl calls and cancel one hour to the date time, don’t complain, don’t cry, there are lots of other places you can comfortably pitch your tent. When she plays all her female games and hard-to-get, don’t spin your head looking every direction she turned, just stand at your spot, she would run all her miles and walk back to you, right into your arm, where you are standing.

But if you chase her…you lose her, more-so if you desperately chase her.

This article heralds all the many games girls play in relationships and how to control it and still emerge as a real man See Girl Games – From How Women Test Men

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