Dealing With Wonder Girls, the College Girls Gone Bad

The acts of the wonder girls never make the front page of dating issues but they need to be adequately addressed, a wonder girl wants everything done her own way, she wants to play a commanding role and have you follow like her toddler while she does whatever suits her, they are the perfect player of the Girl Games. They could move from Joan to John and back to peter with little regard to their feelings.

I can’t just keep keeping mute about this, I tried to keep it “off the book” but it just keep popping up everywhere I look OK this morning I got a mail, (Unedited)
I was in relationship for 2 years and we were ready to get married…but now we broke up because now she don’t want to marry but there is no force from her family and we want some distance in our relation. She offer me to be frnds but I rejected bcoz I can’t control my feelings for her…but she kept sending me text messages, wants to talk whenever she wants only…if I call she said I m busy..don’t chat me online even don’t add me on social n/w sites but call me…we both cries on every call for each other…and at the end I told her to not to contact me becoz it destroys all my days I keep thinking of her…i am not able to forget her if she still do like this…I already told her everything..but she stills the same……i don’t understand what should I do???or what should i tell her???

…kept sending me text messages, wants to talk whenever she wants only…if I call she said I m busy don’t chat with me online even don’t add me on social n/w sites but call me…

Goodness! Ok, I want you to understand these acts of the wonder girls, He loved her and she also gave the impression that she loved him but she wants to play everything her own way. He’s done everything to get on top of situation all to no avail, he is bruised, wounded and wishes to withdraw no matter how it would hurts him, and there she stands again, beckoning on him, asking him not to go away. “but you are hurting me” the guy complained, “Alright, I will give you a minute to get healed” She would often reply.

Wonder Girls

I know them, I have dated them, they are hot and trendy, they are the wonder girls, they could roll it all night with you and roll it all day with Paul. I like them, because I am almost the only guy that could get them tamed! How? by playing the same game with them.

I know these girls, they would chase you, get you when they need you, give you rules and expect you to follow them through, as if obedience to those rules would keep them glued to you. No it wouldn’t

The wonder girls come in flashy colors, making it extremely hard for any guy to turn the other way, let me slow down a bit, I want you to get this.

This is where the idea of being “the man” wouldn’t be more stressed. Guys are different, some have tender hearts, young fragile hearts, I am talking about a guy with a loving heart in the hands of wonder girls, he would only cry and complain. We have simple guys that can’t make do with more than one at a time (it is good, It is the best thing to do) but you got to be careful when you make your choice so you don’t point to the wrong ones and get bruised.

OK, we’ve got good, sweet girls, but we also have the bad ones, the “college girls gone bad” kind. They are everywhere; it is hard to walk two yards without spotting another one. They pride in using guys, they could shatter your heart and look the other way if you give it to them. But why should you give it to them, why not keep it within and still meddle with them, that’s it, that’s what I do when I see them that how I get them to run, and run.

I call them to the field, “hey wonder girls, you wanna play games? Meet the wonder king,” at first they stare, like they’ve seem a ghost, “does he know what we do?” They would often wonder, then they draw close to find out, then they are in and the game begins Then when they go to peter, they find out I went to Ann and jennet, Why did you do that” they would often ask, “what, Oh Ann, just having fun, ordinary fun” like she would say it. I don’t complain or instigate a quarrel and expect her to apologize like the nice guys and neither do I ask why she went out with another guy… It is simply a game of the mind.

This is when I win them over, then she clings to the man who knows it more than her. They pay you well that night, like they will never do it again. wait till tomorrow comes, they will get you to wonder more like she’s wired to just cheat on guys do you start crying? “but she promised last night” you don’t know her yet, she is a wonder girl, w-o-n-d-e-r g-i-r-l, full of wonders. What do I do…? I take it off again, maybe not with Ann and Jennet

Maybe I would play the tough game, (game is game) I wouldn’t have all time playing Ann and Jennet you could either build some heart and let go of her or you can play more games and get more nights! ha ha After all she came calling. Give her some time, don’t call for days, I know wonder girls, she would call and ask why, tell her you had other business, tell her you a kind of forgot her, tell her you will try and remember her next time, hang up, don’t call again, I know this routine, It gets them mad. expect another night.

Then she becomes the complaining one then, the “nice guys” calls us “bad guys” but it is ok, since we got what we wanted. “Nice guys,” they can call us whatever but they would have learned from us, but they keep getting it wrong, they keep complaining, thinking we are standing in their ways, But they are the one standing in their way!!!

You may not be like me, you may not have Ann and jennet but you could still do the wonder girls, you could still play them. Get happy when she plays her games, ignore her when she sings her “please chase me songs.” Get busy with other things laugh when you know she is lying, tell her it is ok, go your business, learn not to complain when she cheats, don’t show your anger, play with others and still talk to her

At first she would wonder why you don’t cry like the other guys when you catch her, “what is with him,” she would wonder further, then she start coming close to find you out, to discover you, then she start seeing you “the different one” then you are dealing with them, the wonder girls, they are the college girls gone bad, you can meddle with them and still stand without getting bruised

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